Om oss


My name is Nikolett Balogh. I was born in Komarno,in Slovakia. The aim of my life is to be successful. Thanks to my resolution I have become the best nail artist in the world. I work as a nail artist for 10 years and I have taken a part in 53 competitions. It is very important for me to continue with education.

My greatest achievements:
- five times Slovak champion in Nail Art in 2006/07,two  

   times champion in 2008/09
- first and third place in Slovak acrylic nail technique
- champion in Czech Republic in Nail Design kategory in

   acrylic nail technique
- second place in Czech Republic in Nail Art competition,

   in 2007
- first place in international Nail Art competition in Czech

   Republic,in 2008
- fifth place in olympic in 2007/08
- fourth place in gel nail technique,in Hungary
- fourth place in international Nail Art competition, in

   Frankfurt and in Nurnberg
- fourth place in acrylic nail technique,in Sweden
- second place in internet nail art competition,in London,

   in 2010
- seventh place in Korea-Soul mixed-Media competition
- in 2007 I become the best Slovak nail designer

Places where I took a part as a juror:
- Slovakia-Bratislava –Interbeauty-2007-Nail Art juror
- Hungary-Budapest-8-9 November 2008-Nail art juror
- Poland-Warsaw 20 June 2009 –Nail Design juror
- Hungary Beauty –Budapest -5 Aprilis 2009-Nail Art juror
- Czech Republic- Brno 18 Febrary-2009-Manicure juror
- Germany-Frankfurt-30 January 2009 /Zlata ruka Sveta / - Nail Art juror
- Romania-Bukarest /Nail Expo/-22-26 October 2010-Nail

   Art-Nail Design juror
- Czech Republic-Prague –Beauty -23 April 2010-Nail Art 
- Czech Republic-Prague –Beauty18 February 2011-Nail-

   Art juror

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214 30 Malmö

073 - 529 99 75